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There are many customer service software suites to chose from. has taken the guesswork of of the selection process by screening all of the customer support software on our site.  All of the software you find below has been proven to help your business serve, support, and retain your customers.

The Benefits of Quality Customer Support Software

Customer Support Software is invaluable to any organization that wants to maintain a positive relationship with customers. As with many aspects of today’s business world, we must work with and rely on customers everyday. It is essential they remain satisfied and happy with your product or service. To help ensure this make sure to use CRM software for your business. When customer service is performed correctly, a problem gets resolved and the customer walks away happy and often relieved. However, a lack of or poor implementation of customer service software can leave the customer feeling stuck, helplessly infuriated and all too ready to relay the incident to anyone who will listen to, reflecting poorly on your business.

Essentially, you should never give the promise of customer service without follow-through. Instead, have multiple avenues for a customer to use and make those options simple. Self-service centres are a bonus because the customer can contact them at any time, day or night; but there has to be some kind of substance to it. Every possible question or concern must be planned for and, should a customer bring something new to the attention of the business, then this must be planned for again in the future.

The self-service will only work, however, for some customers. In fact many people prefer being able to contact a customer support agent (i.e. a person) directly by email or phone. Indeed, for those complaints you can’t cover in a self-service situation, the customer must have a way to contact an actual agent. Failing the set-up of a phone support network, Live Chat is one effective method, while email with auto-response and auto-alert capability is another.
When downtime is no longer a concern, a personal touch can be delivered to customers by a business when it’s backed-up by solid customer support software. There are many businesses which specialise in developing and installing customer support software for your agents to have at their disposal.

There is literally a wealth of possible solutions at the businessman’s fingertips if he knows where to look. So it definitely pays to shop around the entire market of customer service software so that you can make answering questions and fixing problems easy on the customer and on yourself. There are many programs available to businesses which cater for the specific needs of certain niches and sectors. Invoice processing is an important aspect of any client support function. Scanning and indexing client invoices makes commercial sense in addition to improving client services. A business must be proactive in helping customers and for today’s customer support organization, being proactive often means responding to the growing expectations of customers and competition.

One of the most popular programs is Support Wizard. In several consumer reviews, this product has been given ten out of ten ratings. Support Wizard offers everything your business needs to provide world-class customer and technical support; customer self-service, live help and an innovative ticket management tool can streamline your business’ management and help you to maintain a loyal customer base.
A similarly popular help desk software program, Parature, offers most of the same benefits as Support Wizard though it is actually more expensive. While consumer reviews are almost equally outstanding for this program, the fact that a more cost-effective tool exists means that the only real benefit of Parature is the fully customisable and user-friendly interface.

A third award-winning piece of customer support software is FootPrints. FootPrint’s main feature which sets it apart from the competition is that it is 100% web-based, meaning that customer support agents can access the database from anywhere on the planet. This may not be appropriate for all business, however. Like Parature, it is completely customisable and the Footprints manufacturing company offers outstanding support themselves. It is also extremely affordable and may suit medium sized businesses keen on delivering high-grade customer support on a budget.



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