Review of Oracle’s Web Conferencing Solution

An Overview of Oracle’s Web Conferencing Solution

Oracle Corporation offers a distributed real time collaboration system based on Web Conferencing. This article serves as a guide that will provide an overview of the this conferencing service.  A component and feature review will be provided as well as an in depth look at the administration tools.  Management of this web based system is quite intuitive as you will soon see.  A familiar user interface is implemented which you may see used again in other future services from Oracle.

Oracle Web Conferencing will allow your users to collaborate end to end with minimal setup.  Any organization can deploy the conferencing solution to its employees, partners, and customers. has installed the product in our test labs and can attest to its ease of use.  The installation process involves distributing the client and server components across your infrastructure.  Most companies have their own procedures for accomplishing this so we will not cover the various methods available to do this.

Your users will see the Oracle’s conferencing system as a group of web pages displayed in their  browsers. Buttons to allow employees to to schedule and join conferences are easy to find.  Some of the other options available are:

  • Watch/Listen to a Replay of a past conference
  • Share content
  • Invite Attendees
  • Share Applications
  • Chat/Instant Message
  • Plan a conference
  • Send an email

Conference administrators see additional options in their console.  They have the ability to monitor conferences in session and have a dashboard like screen that shows a summary of conference server health and server load including concurrent users.  Other features have been covered in a previously.

Oracle Web Conferencing possesses most of the same features as competing products from Web/Ex and Microsoft’s Live Meeting.  Generally everyone has the capability to interact with each other during a conference such as sharing a desktop, viewing applications, shared notepad, chat, and polls.

The product is based on Oracle’s “Complete. Open. Integrated.” framework .  The take away for IT leaders is it will scale well and fit seamlessly into your Information Technology infrastructure. recommends you take a look at Oracle’s web conferencing solution.  You can demo the product for free.  If your IT resources are fully consumed many system integrators will be happy to help you set up a small proof of concept lab which you can test run the product on your premises.



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