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There are several good reasons for considering web conferencing, web casting and other virtual communications services but none more paramount than avoiding costly travel. Virtual conferencing solutions can save your company’s budget more so through reduced travel costs than any other category. Web conferencing also offers time savings which in many cases can be just as valuable.  Air travel is not always conducive to productive work.

“Don’t travel if you don’t need to; it’s a mess out there, folks”.

Web conferencing allows an organization to deliver its information or message easily, efficiently and economically.  For example you could host a video conference for up to five people. Alternate between seeing all five participants and showing a PowerPoint presentation and conclude you conference with a custom survey. All of this can be purchased and today’s rates for about $200 for a one-hour conference with VOIP audio. Compare to at least $5000 in travel costs and hours of your employee’s travel planning time and you’ll see just how valuable a desktop web conferencing solution can be.


Below are some web conferencing tips that will help you with your deployment considerations:

  • Web conferencing has grown to become a popular means of corporate communication. It’s a visual upgrade from a teleconference, but not as demanding as a video conference.
  • What’s involved in hosting a web conference? What services are available?
  • This article will discuss the matrix of web conferencing possibilities and their respective advantages and disadvantages. The prospective web conference host must be able to clearly define his or her specific wants and needs, the issues involved therein, and make an efficient evaluation of the many web conferencing vendors available.
  • Here are the types of virtual conferencing with basic pros and cons. There exist also hybrids and convergent of technologies.
  • It’s the oldest, most stable and least expensive conferencing format. Reservationless teleconferencing has dropped from an average of $0.25 connection/minute to less than $0.10 a connection/minute in the past couple of years. But at the lower end, caveat emptor, the telco server may be in a Bucharest suburb! Teleconferencing lacks visual impact, one of the big draws of both video and web conferencing.
  • Internet video streaming is impressive but it still requires set up at the presenter location and the proper bandwidth for the attendee (and lots of it). Currently it is only appropriate for specific audiences who are set up with ideal broadband connections. As one bloke puts it, “How much do I want to pay for talking lips?”



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